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The following story was written at Pissouri village in a quiet tavern with a couple of pints of local beer, two pieces of grilled halloumi and pastourma. mark-cons

Pissouri is a well known Cyprus village for the blue flag beach, the numerous vineyards, great views and of course it’s people. Pissouri is a fine example of how people from different cultures can exists together. English, Cypriots, Russians, Italians and many more, live in harmony and great friendships are developed.

Mark is from England and leaving in Pissouri the last six years. Cons, on the other hand was born and raised in Pissouri and the only time he left the village was during his studies in London. Who would believe that bingo will bring these two persons together and that a great friendship will emerge in the centre of a small and idyllic village.

Mark is currently working as a Marketing Manager in a nearby Resort, where as Cons is a computer consultant and he runs his own business offering valuable services to the locals.

They met accidentally at a bingo event organised by Mark for the Resort. Cons as a Bingo Lover could not resist the temptation of a new bingo experience. He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Mark at his opening speech saying that he is a Bingo Lover himself. Six years leaving, next to each other not knowing that they are both Bingo Loves.

From that day Mark was bombarding Cons with online bingo information, tips and news. So Cons through the idea to Mark to build a website where he can put all this knowledge of the Game in good use for the Love of Bingo.

..... is a reality.