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TOPIC: Advantages of Playing Bingo Online
Advantages of Playing Bingo Online 12 Years, 9 Months ago  
The introduction of the Internet in the 20th century spurred massive interest in bingo as a form of leisure activity and online gambling. Now played with all the benefits but without the inconveniences, bingo opened its doors to another generation of players, both young and old, men and women alike, and finally shedding its time-worn image as an exclusive game of mature women.

Online bingo offers a lot of advantages as opposed to its traditional “brick and mortar” counterpart. As long as there is internet, bingo online offers exceptional and constant accessibility any time and any day—that is in contrast to traditional “brick and mortar” bingo’s need for preparation and travel time since bingo halls are usually placed in geographically disparate locations such as casinos. Bingo online also has considerably lower overhead costs which translates to much, much lower entrance fee or bingo card costs than what traditional bingo halls can charge. Then there’s the very convenient auto-daub feature that covers for you in case you miss marking a number—or because you’re playing several cards at once. Accessibility, better rewards, and the auto-daub, all of these translate to online bingo as being the better variant of the game.

Its being “online” also plays a pivotal role for bingo to be embraced by the younger generations. Since the bigger part of internet users are approximately younger than 30 years of age, online bingo’s ease of play, inherent social atmosphere and internet presence played a role on how on encouraging the newer generations to play the game.

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