Follow us on Twitter on their ongoing effort to supply fresh and valuable services to the online bingo industry and community decided to open a bingo forum.

The main reason behind their decision was the sheer pressure from Bingolero who desperately wanted a medium to connect and exchange information with our members. At a recent spy mission, he had his cover nearly blown and he was nearly caught by the B.B.I (Bingo Bureau of Investigation) while answering to a telephone call from a bingo fun. This was the reason he decided a forum is needed in order to communicate with all his funs and site members in absolute silence. He was personally involved in the designing of the forum in order to create a user friendly environment. Our friend Bingolero, as a big celebrity has a vast knowledge of social happenings, gossips and famous lifestyle secrets. He will reveal them in the general chat category that he personally demanded we should have in our forum.

We will be happy if by the end of the year we will have 1 billion member posts. We put our goals low enough so we can succeed.
Please post but not over do it! Smile

Written by Mark Rosenborg for, at a sunny beach in Cyprus with a cold iced frappe and a packet of cigarettes.

(Attention! Our forum is strictly NON-Smoking...if you want to smoke please do so before you enter the forum).Wink