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guruBingo Guru is predicting winning bingo numbers just for you.
All online bingo portals (including us Surprised) are talking about bingo tips and strategies that will help you to win a bingo game. What are we talking about? Bingo Game is a game of luck. All those, who have tried to explain all the mathematical equations behind bingo, they have gone mad. In our effort to find something new and fresh about all these matters we have employed a bingo guru. Only a bingo guru can see which bingo numbers will come out first.Wink

Look my friend… The only thing you need to win a bingo game is your love for the game and your true believing that you will be the winner.  Bingo numbers have no memory. Either if you play online or in a bingo hall unfortunately there is no secret. I remember when I was searching for all those bingo information I found a site that explained with mathematical diagrams how bingo numbers are being calculated. It was so complicated that I asked from a friend of mine who is Mathematics Professor in a University to explain me all these probability theories. Guess what? He didn’t. Why? All those arithmetical suggestions were just theories and guesses. So… don’t believe in any tips and strategies, just believe in your Luck.

That’s it. Thank you for your attention once again. Bingo Lovers dot com created for all friends who love bingo and our aim is to offer you the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, about bingo matters. We love Bingo. Bingo is our passion. But remember it’s just a game. Don’t take it so seriously.

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