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Ever fancied being a Paddy Power Bingo lab rat? Now is your chance!

Paddy Power Bingo have launched a brand new room and what’s more YOU can help them decide the schedule. They've already ran one live lab and their Roomie Subjects came up with some cracking new games…..and they all survived! Are you ready for Paddy Power Bingo's second experiment?

The Live Lab 2 – 7.00pm – 9.00pm – Wednesday 7th December

Here’s your chance to have a say in how a Bingo Room should really be run. Paddy Power Bingo will be giving all their roomies the chance to create their favourite Bingo game…. and then get free tickets to play it! You can select the speed of play, 1/2TG & BOGxF  options, the pattern and whether it is FFA/Even Stevens. Phew….and breathe*!

If your game gets chosen it will stay in the The Lab’s schedule for the next fortnight and you will be awarded 5 free tickets to each game**. Paddy Power Bingo will also let you nominate 10 friends to get free tickets to your game too (the game display name will include your chat name), that way you’ll get to show them what a Bingo expert you really are! Once the fortnight schedule is complete, Paddy Power Bingo will return to the test schedule…..Until the Live Lab runs again!

  • 7pm-8pm           90 Ball Speed Bingo – the hour will get progressively quicker, can you keep up?
  • 8pm-9pm            Discount Hour – Buy tickets in bulk and save £££
  • 9pm – 10pm       Even Stevens & Fair For All games
  • 10pm – 11pm     Strippers Bingo


*Players will not be able to request ticket price or seed as these will be within a pre-determined set of limits.

**Players will not receive free tickets on the evening of the Live Lab. They will receive tickets for their ‘named game’ on the day after the Live Lab. Certain game types do not allow for free tickets – where this happens free tickets will be allocated to other games. Paddy Power Bingo cannot accept responsibility for players nominating ‘friends' incorrect i.e. if incorrect/incomplete/invalid user details are given.