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bingo-professorJust how much more bonuses can an online bingo site gives to its’ members? The current world record, which belongs to 123 Bingo Online dot com, stands at free $25 welcome bonus on sign up and 300% Bonus on first deposit. Bingo Lovers dot com has asked a Bingo Professor to calculate the ultimate records possible for the bingo bonuses.
There is room for improvement, in all online bingo halls, in both the welcome bonuses and first deposit bonuses in the near future. Their welcoming bonuses explain how they applied the extreme-value theory on bingo love.
In order to work out by how much the current record could be improved, Professor has analyzed the best online bingo sites and how many bingo bonuses they offer. Each bingo site was listed once, and the bonuses were recorded for the month September 2009.

Bonuses Foxy Bingo Wink Bingo 888Ladies Dream Bingo 123BingoOnline
Free Bingo Bonus No £15 £5 £5 £15 $25
1st Deposit Bonus 100% from £10 to £150 200% from £5 to £100 150% from £10 to £150 100% up to £100 200% 300%
Redeposit Bonus 50% from £10 to £100 50% from £10 to £100 50% from £20 to £100 25% up to £25 per hundred deposited 101% on any further deposit 250% plus 10% extra bonus on the next deposit you make up to 500%

According to the Professor, Bingo sites have a lot more to give! Bonuses of up to 1100% can be given, a record that is far beyond the current one of 300% from Furthermore the Professor insist that Free bingo bonus on signup and before first deposit, can and should be raised to  £50.

For his calculations the bingo professor used a statistical method called “the Extreme-value theory” which tries to answer questions about extreme events (which by definition are not common), using information about less extreme events. The theory is normally applied within the financial and insurance world to estimate the risk of extreme damage resulting from natural disasters e.g. earthquakes, in order to calculate premiums, and in this case the amount of bonuses bingo sites can offer and yet remain profitable and attract more players.

Bingo Bonuses World Record - Written by Bingo Professor