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Paddy Power Overview

Paddy Power Bingo is the bingo operation run by the largest Irish bookmaker. Paddy Power have made a name for themselves over the years for novelty bets, and are currently offering punters 4/1 ‘that God exists`. We signed up to Paddy Power Bingo to check out their latest New Year makeover and see what it was all about.

Signing Up

When you go to sign up it loads within a little scrolling pop up box I think this is quite poor quality when put into context with the rest of the site. It can also be quite long and tedious as it is a few pages and can seem like its taking forever.

I didn`t have any grief with age verification like I did with Ladbrokes, and it was exceptionally easy to make a deposit. If you deposit £10 and you play through it, Paddy Power will then credit you with your 200% first deposit bonus, £20 in this case. Note that this money can only be spent on bingo.


Paddy Power Bingo has had a New Year makeover on their website. They have gone from a rather garish green very Irish themed website to a funky retro style website. They have kept everything that made the site different such as the Paddy Power Blog and the Loyalty Program; they even kept their Agony aunt. Not many bingo sites have a blog, but the Paddy Power one has ‘roomies of the week` and even a ‘CM Diary`. The ‘Bingo Explained` section is just about the best beginners guide to bingo I`ve ever seen.

The site is very easy to navigate and find your way around. Everything has been kept very minimalistic. They have even lowered the amount of clicks and pages you have to go through as they have put the bingo lobby and log in on the homepage.

You can check out the latest bingo promotions as they get listed on the homepage to keep you up to date.

Playing Paddy Power Bingo

The first time you play bingo at Paddy Power, you can choose a bingo alias, which can be different to your username.

Playing on paddy power was great fun, they use Parlay as their interface which is very good quality and easy to use. I even won four times and got my balance up to £20.00 with a bonus balance of £10.

Even at three in the afternoon it was very quite with only 52 players shared between 2 different rooms. I was very surprised at this as Paddy Power Bingo is very good quality and I think they deserve a lot more players. Although with few player this means that tickets were great value for money.

The slots and scratch cards were also good fun but could get quite expensive so be sure to watch your money if you are playing on these.

Our Verdict

With a fantastic new design and brilliant system, Paddy Power Bingo is even better to play on. They defiantly deserve more customers than they have got. Perhaps people think of it as a bookmaker first and foremost, but that doesn`t mean that Paddy Power Bingo can`t hack it at bingo.