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On March 22nd everyone playing £/€25 or more on Bingo, or £/€75 or more on Side Games, will be eligible for our Last (wo)man Standing promotion! Click here to opt in now and you`re ready to compete for the title of Last Wo(man) Standing!

To stay in the competition, players need to keep playing a minimum of £/€25 on Bingo or £/€75 on side games every day until 31st March to avoid elimination! All players remaining at the end of the month will win an equal share of a £/€1,000 Prize Fund!

There will be two different prize pools; £/€1,000 for bingo and another £/€1,000 for Side Games. You can choose to take part in one or both of them! Just remember that your play needs to be consistent, e.g. if you`re aiming for the Bingo prize pool, you need to play £/€25 a day on Bingo. If you want to get a share of both prize pools, play £/€25 daily on Bingo and £/€75 daily on Side Games!

Don`t forget to opt in to be eligible for this promotion! Click here to opt in now!