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School`s back in Session!

What better way to get your brain back into shape than with some general knowledge Chat Games?! And if you needed a little motivation to get you going well Crown Bingo have got loads, including brain workout books, Sudoku and KenKen puzzle books and even a Nintendo DS and official Brain Training game!

Join Crown Bingo between 7-9pm in UK75 on Sunday 5th Sept to see who will be top of the class!

Target Bingo!

Crown Bingo are offering all their players who happen to BINGO on the Top of the Shop (number 90!) will recieve an amazing 90% bingo bonus on top of their next deposit amount.

So if you hit Full House on the number 90 between 6th - 12th Sept in Room 2 we will add 90% of your next deposit amount on!


During Superbooks games you have the choice to play for free, upgrade and purchase `Super` tickets or a mixture of both.

Each upgraded ticket will have a Superbook `S` in the background to show it has been paid for.

There are 2 different prize pots, one for players who have free tickets and one for players who have purchased `Super` tickets. When you upgrade and purchase `Super` tickets you play for bigger prizes and bingo jackpots such as The Cash Cow and Piggy Bank.

Use the ticket purchaser to upgrade your tickets, this can be done at any point prior to ticket sales closing. Once you have decided how many tickets you want to upgrade, just click confirm before the game starts.

In a Superbooks game everyone will get the same number of tickets, the more super tickets you buy the less free tickets you will have.