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The Escalator Jackpot

This September William Hill Bingo are taking the Money Mountain jackpot higher! Here`s your chance to win over £120,000!

Play in any of the following rooms with paid-for tickets and you`ll be eligible to climb the escalating jackpot to see if you can win. Usually with a jackpot ball call of 29, starting on 6th September the jackpot ball call will be increased to 30 balls, and for each day that the jackpot isn`t won we`ll increase the ball call by one ball until it`s won. This makes it easier each day for the jackpot to be won! With the jackpot prize currently standing at over £120,000 this is sure to increase daily until we get that big winner!

Qualifying rooms: Community Room, Main Room, Early Bird, Lunch Club, Late Lounge, Willy`s Den, Bargain Basement, Star Club, Champagne Lounge.

Remember, it`s only a win on paid-for tickets that will get the jackpot, free tickets don`t count. However, if you upgrade free tickets to Supertickets they are paid-for and are eligible for the jackpot.

For the rest of this promotion you`ll see that the usual Money Mountain games will be called `X Ball Escalator` (where X is the ball call number for that day).