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Zynga Bingo claimed the number 1 position among this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games, with over 1.5 million new daily active users recorded.

The jump in daily active users for Zynga Bingo equates to a whopping 757% increase over a seven-day period and illustrates the staggering potential of free-to-play bingo games on the web’s biggest social network.

Facebook themselves must be eyeing the viral popularity of Zynga Bingo with one eye on the till after their bad publicity over recent weeks and a need to bring more dollars to shareholders’ pockets.

We at think it is only matter of time before Zynga Bingo and other Facebook games have money elements attached to them as the US slowly but surely begins to allow its citizens to gamble online legally.

In the meantime, Zynga have got another hit on their hands and bingo shows once again how it is perfectly matched with the community-driven feel of social media sites.