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£20,000 in prizes to be won every Friday!

Start your weekends in style with Bet365 Bingo's brilliant Friday Night Fever event, which is packed full of fantastic prizes worth a total of £20,000! The doors open at 18:00 UK Time every Friday in the Guilty Pleasures room.

The party begins with a £2,500 Bingo Linx game and continues through the night with £1,500 games every hour and £1,000 games every half hour, until 23:30 UK Time. There’s also an unmissable Bingo Linx game at 22:30 UK Time with a total prize-pool of £5,000.

So buy your tickets now via the relevant Buy Now link for Bet365 Bingo's Friday Night Fever promotion to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to win some big money.