Follow us on Twitter,, - all well known online bingo brands which double up as domain names, the easy-on-the-eye version of IP addresses which we type into browsers to locate websites.

By now we have got used to adding .com or to a company's name to reach their website.

So what should we make of news that firms are already beginning to apply for .bingo domain names? Is it worth Foxy Bingo, for example, applying to register or Gala applying to get

Our view at Bingo News is it's a complete waste of time and money for bingo sites to apply for .bingo domain names. No one uses .info domain names, .biz domain names or any of the other myriad extensions out there other than .com and country-code domains (e.g.

At present the only firms applying to register .bingo domain names are domain name speculators and firms wishing to cash in on the next domain name "gold rush".

For online bingo sites, the .bingo extension should be categorically ignored as it will be by the general population.