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A grandmother of three was booted out of a bingo hall in Cardiff for smoking an e-cigarette even though she was previously told by staff it was fine.

Julia Cummings, 52, from Llandaff North, was enjoying her regular bingo session at Castle Bingo on Cowbridge Road East, when she was told she could not smoke the e-cigarette and was asked to leave.

“I wasn’t sure whether I’d be allowed to use them in the bingo hall, so I phoned up and checked,” she said, according to a report on Wales Online. 

“The male manager who I spoke to initially said there was no problem with it as long as I didn’t use it when we were playing the books."

“So, Saturday, I went along to play and during the early session a member of staff saw my e-cigarette and told a female manager. She said, ‘I’m going to have to ask you to not smoke.’ She said that I could go outside and smoke it, but I wasn’t going to stand by others who were smoking. I’m ill and that’s the reason I’m smoking it!”

Mrs Cummings, a smoker for 40 years who took up the electronic alternative to help her emphysema (lung disease), was then asked to leave the bingo hall. E-cigarrettes do not emit tobacco smoke.

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