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It's only been a week since we reported that Wonder Bingo moved from a standalone brand to a networked site, and now there comes the sad news that Wonder Bingo have completely closed their doors for business.

Visitors to Wonder Bingo are greeted with a message that their accounts have been transferred to Bingo Palace, another site on the Gaming Network.

Although disappointing, the move in many ways doesn't come as a surprise given Wonder Bingo never managed to transfer its success on Facebook to the pay-and-play model in bingo.

Again, more questions will be asked just why the owners of Wonder Bingo closed down their popular Facebook offering just when social media was starting to get a decent return on investment.

You only have to look at Zynga's successful and profitable move into Facebook to see that the social media market for bingo is still ripe for picking. What do you think? Did the owners of Wonder Bingo get greedy? Leave your comments below.

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