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Feel the heat in £20,000 Friday Night Fever!

“Night Fever, Night Fever, Gala Bingo know how to play it…"

Or so the Bee Gees might have sung if they were competing for Gala Bingo's £20,000 Friday Night Fever prize pool.

Yes, forget John Travolta’s Saturday Night dance moves - why not show Gala Bingo your Friday Night Bingo moves for a share of £20,000!

The doors open at 6pm every Friday and the action kicks off with a £2,500 Bingo Linx game, moving on to £1,500 games every hour and £1,000 games every half hour until 11.30pm.

The temperature is raised even higher with a Bingo Linx game at 10.30pm which has a total prize pool of £5,000.

So make a date and don’t forget to wear a flared white suit!

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