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Win your share of not one, but FOUR Escalator Jackpots this August!

Welcome to a jackpot with a difference - named the Escalator because it's always going up!

The ball count increases as these various Ball total games continue which means you've got even more chances to win.

And this month there will be FOUR Escalator Jackpots to play for at Gala Bingo`.

When & Where:

Monday - Friday each week/Rooms

  • 4th - 8th August, 2014 - 80-ball, 1980!
  • 11th -15th August, 2014 - 75-ball, Interstate!
  • 18th -22nd August, 2014 - Speed, Velocity!
  • 25th -29th August, 2014 - 90-ball, Metropolis!

What: Ball Count will increase by one ball each day from Monday to Friday. If it's not won by the Friday or Saturday, the ball count will increase by 1 ball every hour until it goes!

Up for it? Climb all the way to the top where the cash view is great!