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When it comes to winnings, Gala Bingo knows the score!

Say hola to huge winnings while you party on down at the Summer Footy Fiesta... it's going to kick off!

Gala Bingo have got world class wins lined up - with exciting Escalator Jackpots, £66k Guaranteed games and daily £1,000 games!

Celebrate the beautiful game at Gala Bingo!

Daily £1,000 World Cup games

  • When: 9.30pm (daily from Friday 13th June - excludes 14th, 19th and 24th June)
  • Where: Metropolis room
  • Tickets: from 1p!

£1,966 England Games

  • When: 14th, 19th, 24th June
  • Where: Metropolis room
  • Win: share of £1,966!

Sunday 15th July - £50,000 Guaranteed

If your team don't make the final, you can still score a share of £50,000 Guaranteed!

  • When: from 6pm
  • Where: Metropolis room

Forget about that siesta, it's time to fiesta!