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A Foxy Bingo television advert from early 2010 has been given an interesting twist by someone on the video-sharing website Youtube after the soundtrack was changed from a Grease theme to a song by Alternative Rock band Evanescence.

The original advert sees the famous fox from Foxy Bingo in a supermarket re-enacting the famous scene from Grease, “You're the one that I want”, with a woman working at the tills in the store. The opening line in the song from Fox is “I've got balls, they're multiplying”, giving the classic musical moment a bingo twist, which is continued throughout.

The latest version, made by Youtuber sangloupmonz05 sees the ad edited to fit “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence. All of the original commercial is used and although it has only been viewed fifty times it is sure to amuse avid bingo players and fans of the song. The difference between this version and the original show the imagination of the person that made it, although the quality of the recording could be better.

Foxy Bingo is one of the biggest bingo sites in Britain and it is famous for its television commercials and their originality makes them some of the most effective in the online bingo industry. Foxy Bingo also sponsors the Jeremy Kyle show on ITV.

The video of the Foxy Bingo advertisement mixed with Evanescence is shown below: