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LONDON, U.K. – A player at Mecca Bingo's online site has won just over £53,000 after landing a progressive jackpot win from a “Jungle Jackpot” slots game.

The player managed to spin five matching tiger symbols in the middle line to win the progressive jackpot. The prize amount won depends on the amount wagered by the player.

The lucky players username on Mecca Bingo is Dudderbear and she is a mother of two from Leeds, Yorkshire. She has played on Mecca Bingo for around a year after signing up when she saw a flyer in her local bingo hall in Leeds.

She told the Mecca Bingo website, ““When my win came up on the screen my mouth just dropped open! I ran and told my mum but she didn’t believe me! My mum has a broken leg so she couldn’t jump around the room with me! She was my calm influence.”

Dudderbear said she plans to use some of the winnings to buy a new car.