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AUSTIN, TX – Littlefield Corporation; the largest public owner of charitable bingo halls in the U.S., operating in the same industry as companies like Florida Gaming Corporation and Empire Resorts, Inc. has announced that it has acquired two more bingo halls to add to its current portfolio. The company’s expansion should see its revenue increase over the next period.

Littlefield Corporation has already signed an asset purchase agreement to purchase two bingo halls in an existing market.

According to the company announcement, the purchase is in addition to previously announced acquisitions. The following list shows the previous acquisitions made by Littlefield Corporation.

1. The acquisition of another bingo hall in an existing market for which the due diligence is almost complete and the closing is therefore imminent.

2. The renovation and reopening of a bingo hall in an existing market which had been previously subleased. This bingo hall will open before the end of the calendar year.

3. The acquisition of up to four bingo halls in an existing market subject to resolution of issues that are beyond the Company’s ability to control. While this is still a viable acquisition, and the Company is committed to completing it, the passage of time understandably makes the probability of a successful completion less certain.

The company also released details of its intention to expand its current bingo hall portofolio to a total of seventy five bingo halls in the next three years.

Jeffrey L. Minch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Littlefield Corporation, was delighted with the announcement and said, ” These additional halls will complement existing successful halls in the region.During the fourth quarter we plan to complete this asset purchase of two halls, conclude the asset purchase of a previously announced hall and reopen a hall currently closed for renovation. I look forward to the completion of this acquisition and would like to thank those contributing to our continued growth.”

Littlefield Corporation, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the largest public owner of charitable bingo halls in the United States. The Company, through its corporate subsidiaries, develops, owns and operates 36 halls in Texas, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida. In Texas its corporate subsidiaries are involved as a licensed commercial lessor and only in South Carolina as a licensed promoter. Over 100 charities conduct bingo in these charitable bingo halls. (from Littlefield Corporation website)