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MANCHESTER – Vauxhall, one of the UK’s most well known car companies, has created a special prize for its bingo night on Wednesday 1st December. A Vauxhall Corsa with bingo balls painted on it, worth over £10,000 will be up for grabs as a bingo jackpot.

Hosted in a very old church in the city, the event follows the success of the car maker’s London-based events (Vauxhall Skate, Vauxhall Ice Skate and of course Vauxhall Motors Bowling Club this summer), which have proved hugely popular.

According to an article on, the event organisers have tracked down a “mysterious ,yet infamous, bingo sect who can be found travelling in a pack from New York to Nottingham, Las Vegas to Leeds spreading their own bespoke bingo vision to the unsuspecting public,” to make an appearance at the special event.

The special Corsa has been covered by a special pastel bingo sheet, with over 2,000 balls stuck on to the car by hand.

Tickets to this bingo event are free, but the capacity of the venue is strictly limited to 500.