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TOMBOLA BINGO, one of the biggest online bingo sites in the world, and home of innovative games has launched yet another. Knock-Out Bingo is effectively bingo in reverse, meaning that if a number on a players card is called, they are knocked out of the game.

Each player in a Knock-Out Bingo game will receive six tickets, meaning they have six chances to last until the end of the game.

Once the final player is left, the game continues to give the last person a chance to win the jackpot as they have to last for 45 calls to win.

With jackpots up to £2,000, the new Knock-Out Bingo games at Tombola Bingo are sure to be popular with new and existing players alike.

The game also features boxing ring graphics and sound effects such as the ring of the bell and cheers from the crowd.

There are four different priced bingo rings for players at Tombola Bingo to choose from. The Frazer/Haggler ring has tickets costing 25p and a jackpot of £250, while the Tyson/Sugar Ray ring has 50p tickets and a £500 jackpot. The Lewis/Duran ring features £1 tickets and a £1,000 jackpot and finally the Foreman/Herns ring will cost you £2 per ticket but the jackpot up for grabs is worth £2,000.

The fact that each Bingo ‘ring' has the name of a boxer and the addition of new graphics and sounds shows Tombola Bingo's attention to detail and desire to give their customers the best gaming experience possibly.