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madnessBingo Madness

Our brother Bingolero
Has arrived from the B.E.R.O.*
Found new and great games
Offers them to all his mates

He is the best one reporter
Let him be your supporter
He is crazy and funny
You will love him as Bucks Bunny

Bingolero, Bingolero
Wear now your sombrero
Take the gun and shoot at lingo
All of us will shout BINGO

He is able to fly
And can get to any site
Learn the bingo news in style
Don’t believe me? Come and try

Join now Bingo Lovers
Mothers, fathers and grandmothers
Bingolero has the madness
And predict the winning numbers

*B.E.R.O. = Bingo European Research Organization

Bingo Madness by Mark