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Have you ever imagine being attracted to three fat ladies?
Well it can certainly happen if you are a bingo addict like me.
This is how the story goes...

I was sitting in front of my computer bored to death longing for new and exciting online bingo experiences. I thought to myself, why I don’t google it, and see with what new bingo site I can come up with. First result in the first google page was 888 ladies dot com.  Immediately the name caught my eye. So I went and click on the link.

I was shocked when the page loaded. I found myself looking at an extremely beautiful and at the same time straight to the point website. My bingo hand moved the mouse and clicked on join now. The registration form was easy to understand and quick to fill in. Here I have to let you know that if you don’t submit your credit card number you will not be able to get the free bonuses and also you have no access to the games, so there is no point in registering if you are not willing to submit your credit card details.

The 90 and 75ball games are the main attractions of the site. Card prices start from 5p. each. Big prizes and progressive jackpots are daily offered. 75-ball jackpots can be won at Studio75 at scheduled times. To win you have to bingo on the champagne glass pattern, which is 13 squares in 35 calls or less. As soon as the progressive jackpot is hit, they replenish it immediately with £500. On the other hand 90ball jackpots can be won throughout the day at any 90ball bingo room. The winner will be the one who will cover the full card in 38 calls or less. Not only he will take home the progressive jackpot, he will also win the regular game jackpot! As soon as the progressive jackpot is hit, it will be replenished immediately with £300.

While playing the games, why not chat a bit with other players, you might not win but certainly you will end up making some good friends.

The jackpots are soaring, the prices are roaring, so don’t you go snoring at 888 ladies dot com

Ladies Bingo - Written by Amorita - Ladies Bingo Lover