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Are you feeling strong?

If yes, then you can join the strongest bingo player competition brought to you by

I understand you want to know some information about your opponent, STOP!, there is no rush. I will tell you everything... To start with, he has never been beaten by anybody. You still want to stay or leave Know?

If you read this line it means that you are courageous and you know well your limits.
Then you have every right to know all about your opponent which is none other than the monstrous creation which listens to the name of Paddy Power Bingo.  In the late 1999 three friends had the mental power to dream of a site which would protagonist in the online bingo arena.

With a top design leads the pack and offers to all its members, incredible joys and bingo experiences.  The King of Beasts knowing your limitations offers you a fair fight. Enter the arena and he gives you 200% bonus strength, win and who knows how much he will give you!

Before your fight make sure you train yourself at the numerous free games offered by the site. When you feel you are ready just click on the join button, fill the form and take a real test.

Have in mind that US residence and ages under 18 are not allowed in the arena.

The secret to win the fight is well hidden, deep inside the chat rooms. So be clever and use them to reveal it.

I wish you all the luck and remember body strength is never enough to win. Mental strength is what you need.

Mark Rosenborg
Veteran Online Bingo Player - Trainer

Bingo Player | A story-review written by the bingo player, Mark.