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spyGala Bingo Review

intelligence reports, state that Bingolero will make a guest appearance together with Lara Croft at a Gala Bingo Hall. As soon as we received this report we teamed up with other bingo lovers and started searching all 177 Gala Bingo Halls in UK. Our efforts were unsuccessful. Bingolero was again nowhere to be found.  A phone call however brightened our dark moods. Bingolero was making guest appearance at Bingo Gala TV (Sky 861 and Freesat 861) at Opal Bonfantes’ show.

Due to the fact that we didn’t have enough time to join our friend at the Gala TV, we decided to pay a visit at a local Glasgow Pub to have a few pints and play online bingo through Gala website until the show starts.

Signing up was a piece of cake. We were lucky enough to be E.U. citizens and our registration was successful. In case we were U.S. citizens our registration would have been declined.

The design of the site is simple and straightforward, even though we expected something more hi-tech from the No.1 UK Bingo provider.

A deposit of £5 is required in order to receive the £10 free bonus.  With £15 now, in our account and games starting as low as 2p we have a lot of play time as well as big chances to win the huge jackpots. At Gala Bingo you will never run out of options. They offer 75, 80 and 90Balls bingo games, a large variety of slots machines, online roulette games and lotto.  In addition, more fascinating games such as scratch cards, monopoly, deal or not deal, keno and many more can be played at Gala website.

There are so many promotions going on, that there is no point in listing them all here. We will be adding all promotions in our online bingo promotions section. So you only have to choose the day you want to play and find out all the relevant promos.

Addiction is a bad habit!  We lost track of time and nearly missed the show.  We were able to watch the last ten minutes and in that, Bingolero announced that he will be staring in a new bingo video advertising and that was the reason of his disappearance. 

All in all, nobody splashes cash like Gala Bingo, Tried it, loved it!

Gala Bingo Review | Written by Mark Rosenborg  (bingo addict) at a pub somewhere in Glasgow.