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tripJackpot City Review
Last Friday morning we got a phone call from Bella inviting us to Jackpot City for weekend break away, she was waiting for us downstairs! Without much thought we prepared our bags and credit cards and we run off downstairs where to our big surprise we saw a yellow Lamborghini waiting outside. 

The drive was an experience, I have to admit. After a few seconds, at speeds that only internet can achieve we were in Jackpot City, the City of Bingo, the City that never sleeps! What a city, what a genius and unique design, colours easy to the eye, structure that a five year old can navigate with ease.

As it was our first ever visit we asked Bella for a quick tour which she gladly accepted. Just before our tour she wanted to clarify that to enter the city, visitors must fill in a simple registration form. In order though to participate in the various events taking place inside the Jackpot City we needed to make a deposit of 10 pounds and in our astonishment the City Council gave us a 20 pounds bonus.

We started our tour from the main bingo avenue where all the famous bingo resorts are located. First and most impressive the 90 Balls Resort, the 75 Balls and last but not least the 80 balls. All three resorts offer rooms where prices start at as low as 5p.  We choose to stay at the 90 Balls Resort where games never stop and jackpots are huge. We lived the ultimate online bingo experience and we made a lot of good friends.

The room service was excellent, the staff friendly and always eager to please.

The last day of our stay, Bella insisted that we should visit the Temple of Fun to explore the amazing Marine Mayhem, Joker Jackpot, ChicKeno, Blackjack, Mini Roulette, Slots Machines and Scratch Cards.

Take me down to the Jackpot City
Where the prices are big
And the games are pretty
Take me home (Oh, won't you please take me home)

The Jackpot City Rocks.

Keep bingo-ing
Mark Rosenborg
Bingo Citizen
Jackpot City Review