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Join Bingolero in our ForumHello online bingo friends,

I am Mark and I will inform you about the most incredible events, games, bingo reviews and promotions that take place in the Online Bingo Industry. Me and my best buddy, Constantine (Cons) are infatuated with Online Bingo Games. We spend most hours of a day exploring the magical world of Bingo.

We thought that it will be interesting to share our own experiences and joys with people who love the same things with us. So we decided to create our own site on the Internet to put our thinking into practice.

Anxious to differentiate from the common  bingo promotions, games, news, reviews and  forum websites, we are committed to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Because we like our promises to come true, I am leaving now to search for the most fantastic and newest games, events, bingo reviews and promotions.

I love you all
Your Online Mate

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