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  • To increase your winning chances you must choose bingo rooms with only a few players.
  • It is beneficial if you join bingo newsgroups, clubs, forums, chartrooms e.t.c. because this way you can find yourself with valuable information about what bingo site has the highest payouts, the latest offers, bingo promotions and tricks.
  • Bonus Ball - What is bonus ball?     
A lot of bingo sites offer bonus balls which are in different in colour from the normal bingo balls. If you have a bonus ball in your winning card, in order to receive the bonuses this ball needs to be in the winning line or combination, otherwise you don't get the bonus.
  • It is best to buy 25cents cards because it's generally known that these cards pay more.
  • To ensure your payouts you have to play in a high-reviewed and well reputable sites.
  • If you don't win for a considerable time it's best to try your luck in a different bingo site or if you like the one you are using stay away for a couple of days.
  • Look for sites that offer big deposit bonuses. This way you increase your winning chances.
  • Usually all the big bingo sites have huge jackpots on weekends. Consider play then.
  • Monday to Thursday is not as popular as weekend. Therefore playing on these days you have a higher percentage of winning. Fewer bingo players + Fewer cards = More chances to WIN.
  • Do not be superstitious in any way. Computers and software are not vulnerable to superstitions. (only to viruses)

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