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  • Admission
You must have one to qualify for entrance in a bingo hall and/or participate in a bingo game. (If you don’t have one, they will through you out)glossary
  • Auto-purchase
A special feature where Bingo software automatically chooses cards for a player at the beginning of a new game. ( hopefully the computer will make a choice for you )
  • Bingo
If you don’t know what is it you must be from Planet Krypton.:-). Of course it’s the game in which players must complete a pattern of numbers that are selected at random, before his/her opponents do so.
  • Bingo Card
You need this one to play! It can be made out of paper or plastic. But nowadays you can find it in electronic format too. Includes 25 boxes in five columns of five rows.
  • Cash Ball
You certainly wish to have one in your bingo card! The first player to announce a bingo on a predetermined number wins a progressive jackpot.
  • Chat Room
Hi there! It’s me, your friend Bingolero. Do you want to send me a message or having live conversation? Join a chat room in online bingo sites and maybe you will find me there.
  • Coverall
A pattern in which, one must cover all the spaces on his or her game card in order to win. You must be really lucky to do this. I wish you all the best.
  • Free Space
The square in the centre of a bingo card that is considered marked off as though it contained a called number. (this is only thing you will find free in a bingo game)
  • Game Rooms
You have just entered the wrong room! This is my bedroom not a bingo game room in which you can play online games.
  • Ghost
A participant in a chartroom who does not speak. (You might need an exorcist, your PC is handed)
  • Hard Ball
The first number called during a session. (could be made out of plastic, synthetic or wood)
  • Jackpot
The prize, usually progressive, awarded for a flimsy or a special game. (Did you win one? Lucky ONE? I am jealous. I want one too.)
  • Late Night Bingo
A bingo session that begins at a late hour. ( I hope is not too late though, because i have work tomorrow morning)
  • Main Stage Bingo
The main part of a bingo session.( This is where the big money is)
  • Money Ball
A predetermined number that will double the winner's prize if a bingo is announced on it.
(Although I wouldn’t mind an actual money ball)
  • Moonlight Bingo
A bingo session that begins at a late hour. (Be aware of the Dracula. Never walk alone . You are not safe!)
  • Multiple Winners
A circumstance in which there is more than one winner. In such an instance, the prize is divided. ( I think you are really unlucky)
  • Pattern
The shape, one must have marked off, on his or her bingo card in order to declare bingo. (I like your shape)
  • Progressive
A jackpot that is continually increasing until a player wins it. (I hope I will out run you all)