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cardsEvery bingo player has a different style when it comes to buying their cards. Which one works for you?

Buying bingo cards one game at a time is something that many players have the luxury to do. This is because when they play bingo they mostly prefer to sit and watch their cards during each game.This method also gives them the flexibility of choosing which bingo game they want to play, and how many cards they want for that game.

Of course you can mix it up a bit. For example, buy 10 cards for one bingo game and 6 for the next, and maybe 21 for the next and so on. In addition there are certain games you will like a lot, and some that are not as appealing. For instance many sites have top of the morning, top of the day, and top of the evening games which many people join because these bingo pots are very large and definitely worth buying ahead of time.

Let's talk briefly about pre-buy or auto-buy. When you have to go out, you can if you wish pre-buy your bingo cards. Pre-buying cards allows you to choose a different amount of cards per game for 20 games maximum. If you are going to be gone a long time, you can always set your bingo cards on auto. Auto-buy is a method by which you can set it and forget it. Set the amount of games you wish to play and the amount of cards for each bingo game. You can set auto-buy for the night and go to bed. How nice it is to wake up in the morning to find your bingo account has grown while you were sleeping.

Whatever method you choose to buy your bingo cards doesn't really matter, because winning is always a question of luck…..and for most of us bingo-lovers we are in it for the Fun and Frienship that it brings to our lives, aren’t we? Wink