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historyBingo is a game of skill as well as a small inclination of luck. Presently there are millions of people worldwide who enjoy playing this stimulating game. To many, Bingo is a game full of excitement and big gains. The game of Bingo has an incredibly rich history and an interesting story. You seldom here people discussing Bingo history but it is full of many intriguing facts.

The first bingo game can be traced back to Italy in the year 1530. The game was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. The game actually caught on rather quickly. However the game of Bingo did not reach its maturity rate until the eighteenth century.

The game of Bingo began being played in France during this time. Certain attributes were added to the game to make it more interesting. Playing cards, game tokens and the best attribute of all was added when Bingo made its appearance in France. A Bingo caller to announce the numbers that were randomly drawn from a carousel was introduced.

The game later migrated over the Germany in the nineteenth century.  Germans decided to utilize the game in a means to educate school children. The game was not utilized around adults as one would assume. Children would learn different things such as their spelling, multiplication tables, as well as animal names from participating in this new game of Bingo.

In Atlanta in 1929, a traveling salesman Edwin Lowe can across a crowd of people commencing in a game of Beano. Lowe studied the way that the people played the game; he was completely fascinated with the concept of taking dried beans a rubber stamp along with cardboard sheets and allowing people the opportunity to win cash and gifts.

Lowe decided to introduce the game to a few of his closest friends in New York. He used different props just as he had seen at the games that he witnessed in Atlanta . The only thing that he did which made Bingo history was when he got so excited that he had won the game that he accidentally yelled out Bingo instead of Beano.

It’s humorous to believe that the game of Bingo was supposed to be the game of Beano. Trying to simulate a Beano game seems absolutely ridiculous to people now-a-days. We all need to thank Mr. Lowe for being over zealous with excitement of being victorious and in making Bingo history forever with the invention of its new and simple name.