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bingo-loverIt’s 5th of September 2009. Another Bingo Day is rising. I am sitting (as usual) in front of my computer and trying to find any interesting news about bingo. As I was searching for something new, an idea got into my Big Head.Surprised Why to search for new and not for things that happened in the past. I am in online bingo community for a little time and I’ve realized that most of us (bingo reviewers, reporters and what else we are called) we repeat ourselves… The same news…the same theories…the same strategies and tips…the same...the same…the same. I thought that it would be interesting to go some years back and see what was happening in bingo community. I didn’t make something magical. It was a thought and I put it in real time… I searched all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find out what happened at 5th of September, in the past. I went ten years back and I started reading the (old) news. Some of them are interesting and I thought to share them with you, my bingo friends.

  • 5-9-1999
Betting men set for a stake
According to Sunday Mail article, the betting industry is taking its biggest stake ever - on its own future. Bingo Clubs and casinos are all finding new ways of winning back the money they have lost to the National Lottery. Changes in the law allow bingo clubs and casinos to have more aggressive promotion strategies.
  • 5-9-2000 Reviews Its Second Quarter 'the most addicting experience on the Web' at 5-9-2000 has announced to its stockholders, partners, employees and the community that since December 1999, the date of launched the new site, with very few registered users, in just a few months managed to have over 300.000 registered users, 2.0000.0000 unique visitors spending more than 2 million minutes per day in the site.
"Wow! I hope one day to have such numbers in my own site"
  • 5-9-2001
Tommy Gillan beats bingo women to £200.000
At 5-9-2001, according to Scotland’s national news, a bus controller form Dennyloanhead, Mr Tommy, called house on number 81 and said it will now be his lucky number. At 1999 a woman player won £209.000 at the Forth Club and, ironically, she was sitting in the same seat as Tommy when he won his cash.
"Watch out where you are sitting"
  • 5-9-2002
Gala Interactive - Technical partners
Mr Nigel Willis, Gala's director of interactive gaming, commented about Gala’s Technical Partners Team , Carlton Interactive, Ash Luecker, Virtue Fusion, NT Media and Quova: "We have drawn on the industry's top talent to ensure that Gala delivers the best gaming experience available on the internet and on TV. The team has developed an imaginative and innovative treasure-trove of games which are backed-up by world-class technology to deliver fantastic game-play in a secure and reliable environment."
"And he is right. Gala Bingo offers the ultimate gaming experience. It’s my opinion and it’s double checked!"
  • 5-9-2003
National Bingo puts 3m pounds brief into play
(Magazine) - The National Bingo Game Association is in talks with advertising agencies about its 3 million pounds creative accounts held by DFGW. More than 550 clubs in the UK link up to play the National Bingo Game, which the Association claims is the UK's second-biggest computer- controlled game after the National Lottery.
"I am jealous with these numbers"
  • 5/9/2004
Woman won 1.385.045 euro in a bingo game
(The People) - A lucky grandmother, Barbara Wordley, received an early birthday present when she collected 1.385.045 euro, as one of three...celebrates her birthday next Sunday. She said: It is the best birthday’s present ever - a dream come true.
"I think it’s my turn to have a birthday gift"
  • 5/9/2005
Although I have searched for a long time to find something interesting that happened at that day, unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. I hope this will not happen again.Frown
  • 5/9/2006
Adding Slots a plus for Think Bingo
The London-based software developer Aqua Bingo, which powers 23 Internet Bingo sites has been commissioned to provide a selection of online slots and other instant games to a well established UK bingo site operator, Think Bingo. "Who could imagine then, that after three years all online bingo sites would offer more casino games than bingo games"
  • 5/9/2007
Bingo fever just keeps spreading
(The Arkansas Leader) - Bingo fever keeps growing ever since the Arkansas State allowed legalized charitable bingo games the first week of August. On August 2, 125 bingo and raffling permits were issued by the state. That number has grown to 240 state-wide. With several bingo halls in the area, players have many choices of where to play. "I have a fever"
  • 5/9/2008
Playtech report increased Revenues
Playtech, one of the most experienced and trusted online gaming software providers in the industry has announced record revenues of around £81.4 million. Mor Weizer, Chief Executive Officer for Playtech, said in a statement, "We are very pleased with these results, which demonstrate Playtech's continued progress as the world's leading software provider to the gaming market". "Wow a good reason to increase their jackpots next year"
  • 5/9/2009

For today news, DIY (do it yourself) my friend … search and find out. Wink

Have a nice bingo weekend.
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