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wink bingoThis spring Wink Bingo offers the most colorful prizes. The temperature goes up and the wink bingo nature began to fill colors (amazing promotions) making our disposal better than never!

Win Bonus Points
  • 36B – You don’t need to be to win!
Play every Tuesday in 75 ball hall and bingo on number 36 and the pattern B. Try your luck several times so you can be on the top six list and share 36,000 bonus points.
  • Naughty 40 - Simple, yet satisfying!
On Wednesdays call bingo on the number 4 and the pattern O and be on the top ten winning 40,000bps.
  • Six-Pack - Who really needs one?
Who said that having six-pack is hard? Wing Bingo makes this easy. Every Thursday the things go Hot! The ten players who will bingo as many times as possible on any Six-Pack pattern will share the massive prize of 60,000bps.

- The bonus points will be credited in your account on the next day of your victory.

Massive Monthly Jackpots
Play your favourite bingo game and WIN Guaranteed Jackpots.
  • 75Ball Bingo
Who will be the next player to win the guaranteed minimum £1,000 every Friday? This could be you! The game starts at 9:15p.m. at 1M Club Jackpot Room.

Do you want more? At 9:30p.m.on the 5th day of the month join the 2K Club Jackpot Room which offers ₤2K.

₤10.000 guaranteed jackpot can be won on the 10th day of every month. Be at 10K Club Jackpot Room at 10p.m.
A free cards bonus scheme is available for this game. 10,000 Club Points equals to 1 free card. Earn 10 points with every ₤1 deposited, 100 points if you bingo on Wink pattern and 1,000 if you refer a friend.

And the party goes on at 10p.m. on the 20th day. Join the 5M Club Jackpot Room and who knows may you leave with the astronomic amount of ₤5 million. The guaranteed minimum amount is ₤3.000.
  • 90Ball Bingo
Fridays are hot and risk free. Play for ₤500 at Risk Free Jackpot Room at 9:45pm and take no risk. If you are not the lucky one who will win the prize, don’t worry. Any amount you spent for this game will be refunded on the following Monday.

Is it the first Thursday of the month? If it is, don’t forget to take a chance to win a guaranteed ₤5K. Where? At 5K Club Jackpot Room. What time? At 10pm.

One the other hand if the calendar shows the 30th day of the month and the clock shows 10pm be alert. ₤2,000 can be won at 2K Club Jackpot Room.

- Cards can be pre-buy at anytime for all the above games. You can buy up to 24 cards for every game. Card prices differed by game with the most expensive cost ₤1.

MUM’s the Word

Wink Bingo celebrates the Mothers Day, every day this March. The game takes place at Pressies Section/Daily Delights at 8:45pm. Cover a full bingo card and win a guaranteed ₤150.