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bingolero-missingDid anyone see Bingolero?

The famous Bingo Reporter, Don Bingolero has gone AWOL for three days. We warn our readers that he is totally harmless and absolutely loveable! At the day of his disappearance he was wearing a red costume in the shape of hearts and drove a red Ferrari with registration 90 BINGO BALLS. He was last seen wandering in the 3D Bingo Liner World.

The Bingo Liner is a famous destination for lovers of Bingo and offers one of the best online bingo games in three-dimensional form. It is designed in such a way, as to offer the ultimate bingo experience. The designers and programmers of Bingo Liner had the revolutionary idea to create a 3D environment for the players, thus, differentiating themselves from the static bingo websites. A truly unique approach to our favourite game.

Get your ticket for this wonderful trip to the Bingo Liner Cruise by downloading. (you will not wait in queues for hours, it takes only 1-2 minutes from the comfort of your house). Fill in your data and in seconds will be transported in a magical world. On boarding the ship a pleasant surprise awaits you. The captain and staff offer you $ 5 free bonus.

Now you are faced with a difficult decision! Where do you start playing from! 75Bingo or 90Bingo?, Video poker?, 3reel slots?, 5 reel slots? Hi low games? Scratch cards? . The decision is yours. The Earnings are mine.

If you like the whole experience and want to extend your stay on board, do have in mind that with your first deposit you get 100% match bonus (up to $ 100) and with any additional deposit  20%.

Safety is a priority, to the ship owners, who have ensured the best bodyguards for your own security (protecting your personal information, full transactions history, parental controls and many more)

Feel the freedom of movement, meet interesting people and make new friends (chatting available).

The bingo site with the ultimate graphics, friendliest players, best promotions and biggest payouts on the net.

Oh my God. I forgot why I started writing this article. My friend Bingolero is at risk. Was he kidnapped?  Maybe something happened to him!. Who knows! He could have gone  again undercover to reveal the next big bingo tip

Stay tuned and keep in touch
Your Bingo Friend
Mark Rosenborg.