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How to Make Friends While You Play Your Favourite Game of Bingo?
…and while making friends is not entirely why Jessica is a "bingo-lover", it's certainly helped to make a huge difference in her life…as she's now able to chat to her many lady friends outside of bingo visits and is learning how it is for others in countries around the world, including some rather interesting ways of cooking chicken, quite delicious.
And I believe Jessica's even found shall we say, well a gentleman friend, and although she declares its all very platonic…well romance is good for the soul, they say, don't they?

Jessica’s recipe for making friends
Jessica says…
  • Well the very first thing is to 'listen in'-so to speak-in the chat room as each game is played.
  • In the chat room you will be able to read all manner of comments and opinions from other players around the world, often about whatever is going on in their lives, day by day.
  • As you read, you will find stuff that is of interest, especially as the more you play, you will note comments from players you recognise from a previous days play.
  • Now comes the fun bit - because, all you need do is to click your mouse in the space at the bottom and type in a response to an item that interests you, and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • For instance you note that somebody calling themselves “LondonGal”(nobody uses their correct name including Jessica) is commenting on her favourite recipe for cooking chicken?
  • So here goes your opportunity, right? simply type in a message that might go something like this: "Hi there, LondonGal, that sounds like a delicious way to cook chicken. I'd love to have that recipe to try, could you send it to email address happygal@ (or whatever is your free email address), please…and right there your off and running.
  • Strangely enough, after playing awhile you begin to feel as though your part of a bingo family and you'll find that as you begin to exchange chat with others, that one or two will stand out as you find a common bond.
  • As you continue to enjoy the fun time-entertainment that is BINGO, your list of friends will grow and with some the friendship will develop to the point where you communicate outside of bingo, perhaps even using the FREE Instant MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger to chat daily.
  • Apart from developing lasting friendships from your unique world-wide bingo family, you can also learn much about different cultures-the real stuff, not what the papers say-sharing with some even family secrets…even an opportunity for romance…need I say more?

Finally I'd like to add this˙ bingo-lovers worldwide…if a lonely 40 year widow-lady can find and make friends playing her favourite game of bingo, so can you…

How to make friends - Written by Amorita